At Just One Click everything we do is guided by our 4 main aims

Aim 1

To help micro businesses, one-man bands and start-ups with all the admin, bookkeeping and other work that keeps them from doing what they're good at (and from making money!)

Aim 2

KISS - Keep It Simple Silly! ... That's why it's called Just One Click. It's designed so that even "the computer novice" can operate it easily. OK, the pedantic amongst us might say that sometimes it takes more than one click, but still, it's pretty simple.

Aim 3

To keep it affordable so that it is within the cash-flow budget of even the newest and smallest.

Aim 4

To support our members with great back-up and offer access to a large range of goods and services at prices normally reserved for "blue chip" companies. You can find out more about member services by clicking here.

Mobile devices

Would you like a system that

  • Makes running your business seem easy?
  • Let's you run your business from your mobile? (Or tablet, laptop or PC) or any combination?
  • Helps you do all the “Business bits” that you hate?
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Just One Click is designed exclusively for YOU!

Whatever your role in business life, whether accountant or window cleaner, charity to church, from entrepreneur to salesman, “Just One Click” handles all the stuff that makes running your business easier.

It will help with your bookkeeping and invoicing - it will keep your diary and tell you where to go, when to go and how to get there. It will keep a record of all your contacts and actions and tell you what needs to be done and when.

With Just One Click you can write and store letters, quotations and invoices it can even send campaigns. It also has 'Just Pic Click' to take pictures with your mobile of invoicies, receipts, jobs etc. and have them stored in Just One Click

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Our Most Valued Partners

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