Dashboard - The heartbeat of Just One Click.

Your dashboard displays a snapshot of your business, the current days appointments, weather forecast, payments due, tasks due and much more ... it even displays details of road works in your area!

  • The header tells you some of the things that are available via "Just One Click"

  • The next section welcomes you, tells you the date and reminds you about tasks you should do today, any appointments you have and any payments that are due to be made today.

  • The next panel displays any interactions that have been recorded in the system during the day.

  • Next down is a summary of your company showing numbers of contacts, organisations etc. that you have on the left, and a Snapshot of your sales and purchases for the current month on the right.

  • Next, today's weather forecast and a notepad for you to put Up-front reminders on. Change and add as often as you like.

  • This week’s calendar. An up-front reminder of what's on. Change the format to suit you. Note; this is meant as an up-front reminder. There is a module with full calendar and diary functionality.

  • Today's tasks

  • Roadwork's in your area, twitter feeds, today's headlines.

Each of your users can configure their dashboard to display the information they want to see - A lot of information but designed to quickly bring you up-to-speed. You don't have to read it but, if you want it - it's there!

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