Just One Click – simple and innovative software providing a whole host of features designed for effective business management.

Just One Click is an integrated suite of business management tools, specifically designed for sole traders and micro businesses to organise their business information simply, effectively and securely. Accessed online, there’s nothing to install, nothing to maintain or backup, and the system is always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – wherever you are.

Just One Click can be accessed from anywhere, and on any device, that has Internet connectivity: in the office, at home, on the road, in a café.

Just One Click has been designed from the ground up to suit non-technical users - from adding appointments, recording purchases, generating invoices, managing social media content, adding and maintaining contacts – Just One Click’s simple and intuitive design will ensure that you get the job done with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency.


The heartbeat of Just One Click. Your dashboard displays a snapshot of your business, the current days appointments, weather forecast ... it even displays details of road works in your area! You can configure your dashboard to display the information you want to see.


Manage all your contacts in one place. View appointments, Invoices, E-marketing statistics and much more, all with just one click.


Manage all your own and co-workers appointments within Just One Click, set reminders, view routeplanners and traffic conditions to your appointment location.


Add, view and edit details of all the organisations that you do business with, either as a supplier or customer. View all related information such as social media feeds, web links and address details...all within Just One Click.


Manage your workload with tasks. Assign tasks to colleagues and monitor progress on key jobs and projects.


Create documents that can be filed in a disk like file system. All your important documents are available wherever you are, whenever you want. You can even e-mail links to documents all from within Just One Click.


The Just One Click integrated email marketing module allows you to create marketing campaigns and send emails or newsletters directly from within Just One Click. There’s no need for a separate email service provider – everything you need is in one place - Job Done!


Create galleries with existing images or pictures taken straight from your own mobile device, then e-mail a link to the gallery to your customer in an instant. Just One Click makes it easy… Job Done!


Generate invoices and e-mail them to your customers in an instant. Keep track of unpaid invoices and send reminders. Link invoices to galleries .... with Just One Click, there are no limits!


Record and classify your sales and purchases. Instantly see the bottom line. Export your bookkeeping to a spreadsheet and instantly e-mail your records to your accountant .... you'll be their favourite client in no time ... Job Done!


Plan your route to any destination, view the current traffic conditions and any incidents in the area. Just One Click ... getting you there in good time!


Manage your social media presence in one place. Your twitter feed is integrated into the Just One Click dashboard for instant updates.


Connect your website to the Just One Click CRM system. Enquiries made on your website are automatically saved into Just One Click and a new prospect contact is created.


Download the helper app to your Android device to keep your calendar, tasks, contacts and the Pic Click feature at your fingertips.


Pic Click allows you the freedom to take pictures from your mobile and upload them to Just One Click for future use. Receipts for book keeping, survey pictures ... the list is endless!.


Just One Click can integrate your IMAP e-mail accounts into the application.


Daily e-mails can be scheduled containing details of tasks and appointments for the upcoming day.


Just One Click supports multiple users. Each user can tailor the system independently of other users.

Just One Click is not a CRM system, it is not a book keeping system nor is it an online calendar, contact management system or invoicing system ..... it's all of these things and so much more.

Just One Click includes 19 modules that work together to organise your business. We are constantly developing new modules to release. Once signed up as a Just One Click customer, you will receive new modules free of charge. Some of our current modules can be seen in action on the modules section of this website.

Just One Click is not a shared system. Each customer gets their very own secure copy, we are even able to create bespoke modules - so if you think that there's something missing - just ask!

Still not sure it's for you? Here are some of the benefits that Just One Click can provide to your business

  • With “Just-One-Click” you’ll spend max 10 minutes per day on your office work, so you have more time to earn money. - Work smarter, not longer.

  • Accountants like “Just One Click” so fees should be lower and kept under control.

  • “Just-One-Click” is multi-user. You can allow others to access all or part of your account to help improve your all-round business efficiency and without additional cost.

£19.95 per month gets you your exclusive “Just One Click”. It has 19 modules which include Contact Management, Calendar & Diary, Bookkeeping & Invoicing and “Just-Pic-Click”. Or, for the ‘real’ deal opt for “Just One Click Premium”

  • £49.95 per month gets you “Just One Click” plus our “Office & Bookkeeping Services” package (its HMRC’s “Making Tax Digital” ready).

  • We, using “Just One Click” do all the office work that HAS to be done, work that keeps you from earning money, work such as bookkeeping (up to and including presentation to your accountant), invoicing, and much, much more besides. All you have to do is – take about 10 minutes a day (or one hour a week) to tell us about it!

  • Driving, working away, on holiday? We’ll handle your calls for you. We’ll take and relay messages so you never miss out!

  • Have peace of mind, freedom from worry and be the best at what you do, effortlessly with “Just-One-Click”.

You take some pictures!

With your mobile and the “Just Pic Click” app! - Play the video to see it in action

Each time you buy something, take a picture of the invoice, receipt or delivery note.

No. Also take a picture each time you prepare a sales invoice!

  • That’s it! With “Just One Click Premium” we do the rest. To be honest, most days your workload will be nearer two minutes than ten!

  • The “Just Pic Click” app delivers the picture to the “gallery” in your “Just One Click”. We then enter the details into your bookkeeping module. If it’s a sales invoice we convert it into a ‘formal’ invoice and email it to the recipient for you (or post it if you instruct us to).

"I've been with Just One Click since they opened for business and they have helped me enormously. I haven't missed a phone call, and my messages are passed along to me in a quick and professional manner. Top notch service! This has taken away a lot of pressure of being a self-employed professional."

David Thomas
Chartered Surveyor
Mobile devices


  • With Just One Click you can access your business data from anywhere that has Internet connectivity: in the office, at home, on the road, in a café.

  • Just One Click is a hosted application delivered over the internet, this means that we do all the maintenance, backup and make sure that you can access your data 24/7/365.

  • There is no expensive extra hardware or software that needs to be purchased, maintained and replaced. You can log on from your desktop, laptop, Mac, tablet or smartphone…Job Done!

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