Marketing services

If your prospective customers don't know you're there – they can't buy from you, no matter how good your product is!

When people talk of marketing they tend to mention things like TV advertising campaigns, the national press, billboards etc. Not things micro businesses can realistically use.

We currently offer all new Just-One-Click customers a free e.broadcasting campaign to their target market in their target area! Register now for your version of Just One Click & ask for details! We won't write this one for you but we will help by pointing out the pitfalls and the ways forward.

We'll run your mailer through our email spam checker and send out, on your behalf, regular weekly or monthly mailers for the duration of the campaign. We'll also report back to you the details of all the people who have opened your mailer and who and how many have visited your website. You can contact them directly or we could send out a follow-up!!

Talking of websites, we can help with those as well! A good website can be worth fortunes, but only if it's well designed and your prospective customers visit it! Combining an email campaign and a good website is cost effective and great value for money. Just-One-Click can help!

Social Media includes LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and many more. A carefully designed campaign to boost your business can make all the difference. Just-One-Click can help!

There are many other specialist ways to market. Some will suit and some won't. Just One Click customers can use Just-One-Click to access marketing help at Just-One-Click pricing.

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