CRM - Organisations

CRM is the way businesses record details of all their contacts. Not just customers but everyone they deal with including customers, suppliers, partners, agents and salesmen, indeed anyone who it is useful to keep contact details for.

Because “Just One Click” is exclusively designed for micro businesses, sole traders, new start-ups etc. we have separated our CRM into two modules one called "People" and the other “Organisations”. Separated but linked!

If your clients are mostly the general public, you'll record their details in "People". If businesses they’ll go into "Organisations". People within organisations (the ones you deal with personally e.g. the guy you order from at one of your suppliers) are also catered for. You can search CRM in many different ways. One of the major benefits is that when using, say, the calendar module to enter an appointment, or the invoicing module to generate an invoice, "Just One Click" will automatically populate the entry from the details in your CRM modules. It's easier and allows fewer mistakes!

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